GladiatAir Paintball Cylinders New Zealand and Malaysia

GladiatAir Paintball Cylinders are rapidly gaining popularity in New Zealand and Malaysia. Having established distribution with Airtanks Limited in New Zealand and AGL Paintball in Malaysia we have been able to support sponsorship agreements with a few of the best teams in the region.

In New Zealand GladiatAir are proud to sponsor the Expendables Paintball Team NZ, Balistic Unit and the Wellington Rebels. With the Ballistic Unit hailing from Auckland, the Expendables from Fielding and the Wellington Rebels from Wellington you will see the Pro’s using Gladiatair Paintball cylinders throughout New Zealand. Hopefully we will get the 2020 Race Series back on track, where there will be a GladiatAir cup.

GladiatAir Paintball Cylinders New Zealand

In Malaysia we started with the Riot Crew, who have been an awesome team to work with because they cant stop telling everyone how good our gear is:) More recently GladiatAir Paintball have signed on the OSB Paintball team.

GladiatAir Paintball Tanks Malaysia

Gladiatair Paintball Malaysia

All the Gladiatair Sponsored players in Malaysia are using the U88 or the U68 GladiatAir Paintball Cylinder. The U68 is extremely light weight and shorter than the traditional 68ci composite paintball cylinder. The U88 is a similair length as the traditional carbon fibre 68ci paintball cylinder but it’s lighter and holds 30% more air! For more information on the Ultra Lite Paintball Cylinder series being used by the Pro-Players, click here.

Airtanks Limited is the main importer for Gladiatair Paintball Cylinders New Zealand.