CO2 Paintball Cylinders

GladiatAir CO2 Paintball cylinders

The GladiatAir CO2 Paintball cylinders are filled with Liquid Carbon Dioxide which is used to fire paintball CO2 markers.

Infinite Lifetime
With an infinite life, the paintball tanks may never need replacing if they pass their hydro test every five years.
Globally Certified enabling use in Australia, New Zealand, Europe & North America.
Manufactured from light weight aluminium to the highest international standards.
Volumes and Shapes
Available in two sizes, 12 Oz and 20 Oz, to cater for all size players and longer scenario games.


Capacity (Oz) 12
Capacity (L) 0.5
Diameter 64 mm
Length 236 mm
Weight 0.43 kg

Capacity (Oz) 20
Capacity (L) 0.83
Diameter 81 mm
Length 238 mm
Weight 0.73 kg

Liquid Carbon Dioxide Paintball Cylinders

GladiatAirâ„¢ offers unlimited life cylinders for players and fields using CO2 Paintball Cylinders.

2700 PSI
1800 PSI